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5 Things You Need To Know If You’re Preparing For An Album Release

Release an album or also known as album launch is a big deal for any recording companies. A successful launch can make or break the album. As a recording company, there are necessary things that you need to know to ensure a successful launch and get a high return on investments. Make sure you are prepared with these five important things before you set a date for the album launch.

1. Distribution


Though the generation of these days created a breakthrough of fast distribution through digital releases, the physical distribution still plays an important factor. Both should be prepared most especially if there will be premier or party intended for a pre-launch. You should have the physical piece at the events.

2. Website


The overall appearance plays a significant role in the success rate. As a company, you have a website. It should be well presented and interactive. The fans are the key to your success. The company’s website should include the essential ingredients where fans can listen and start discussions.

3. Social Media


Social Media plays the biggest factor in the success of your album launch. It set the trends where people follow and share the things that they can see. Maximize the usage of the big four platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

4. Newsletter


It may be an old school type of marketing, but Newsletters are proven to be one of the most useful marketing tools that generate a sale. Send emails and notifications at least once or twice a month to keep in touch with your target market.

5. Press Release


There a lot of press that you can contact to ensure that your launch will be the talk of the town. Blog publications will be the top choice. If your launch is featured on different blogs, it will create a fast trend that people will be immediately aware. You should not forget about podcasts and different radio stations.

Create a plan before you even think of setting up a date for your release. Do your research, and it will all pay off once you see the humongous return of investment.